Tame Your Piles and Files

Take on one small task each day to declutter unnecessary paper, organize the documents you want and need to keep, and learn how to keep it all organized ... forever. Get control of the paper in your home without feeling overwhelmed.

​Join before September 4, 2024, and get access to all the week's guides so you can work at your own pace.

Decluttering efforts tends to slow down in the summer, so I’m going to heat up your clutter-clearing motivation with a FREE three-month paper decluttering and organizing program.

Each day, for 92 days (June 1 through August 31, 2024), I’ll share a paper-clearing task that will take you approximately 5-to-10-minutes each day. (After all, it’s summer and no one wants to devote an hour to shuffling through old files when you could be out in your yard or garden, taking a walk, or toasting marshmallows over a stack of burning paper.)

Over the course of the three months, you’ll achieve 7-½ to 15-hours of decluttering even if you tap out at 10-minutes a day.

If you have decades of old bills and statements, boxes of notes from school or work, or towers of papers you feel require careful perusal, you might not clear all of these piles in three months … but you’ll make a lot of headway and accomplish so much more than you would if you told yourself you’d get around to the task “someday.”

This FREE course will help you -

  • Determine what papers you need to keep. This speeds the decluttering process.
  • Develop a simple system for dealing with incoming paper. And stop random piles of paper forming throughout your home.
  • Learn to problem solve why piles of paper seem to form whenever you turn you back. After all your hard work, you don’t want the piles coming back, do you?
  • Designate and design a space to work on paperwork that makes sense for you. Whether or not you have a dedicated home office.

How to Get Access to the Tasks

Where to Find the Daily Tasks Every Day
The tasks will be posted in the private Facebook group I manage, ‘First Steps to Organized.’ You can join by clicking this link and asking to join. If you don't do Facebook, then join my email list and you'll get the week's tasks compiled in a downloadable PDF. As a solopreneur who wants to enjoy my summer, I've simplified how this free program gets delivered.

Where to Grab the Week's Tasks Complied in One Place
​I'll collect the week's tasks into a PDF guide that will be available for download through my weekly newsletter. Sign up here.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I go on vacation and miss a week?
No problem. You can find the PDF guide for the week you missed in the private Facebook group. You can then decide to either play catch-up (remember, the tasks will take just 5-to-10-minutes a day) or you can continue the program at your own pace and finish a week or so later.

What if I don’t want to declutter during the summer?
Either join my email list or the private Facebook group, ‘First Steps to Organized’ and download the weekly PDF guides. You can do the tasks at a time that works for you.

What if I can’t start on June 1?
Start when you can. You might be able to double-up some day’s tasks. And there may be days when the task doesn’t apply to you, so you can work on a task that requires more time.

What if a day’s task doesn’t apply to me?
You can always use the time to weed papers from your files or return to another task.

What if I need more than 10 minutes to complete the task?
This will definitely happen with many of your piles and files. During any day, you can spend more time with the task. However, don’t push yourself to complete an hours-long project in a single day. If you feel frustrated, you won’t want to continue with the program. Stop at 15-minutes and plan to return to the task on another day.

And, if you only have the energy for five minutes of effort, stop after five minutes!

If you tend to get involved in projects and lose track of time, set a timer. If you tend to push yourself past your limits of mental and physical effort, set a timer. In fact, set a timer for one minute less so you can wrap up the task.

Can I just pick and choose tasks?
Of course, you can do whatever you want. However, doing the tasks consistently saves you from the cognitive fuel-wasting decision-making process, “Do I want to do this?” “Should I do this today or tomorrow?” “Now or later?” “Will I feel more like doing this in the fall?”

Remember, a mere 5-minutes a day will add up to over 7-1/2 hours by the end of the summer. That's enough time for some serious paper decluttering and setting up habits and systems.

Can I email you with specific questions?
I ask that you post questions in the private Facebook group. Chances are that you aren’t the only person with the question, but you may be the first person brave enough to ask.

What if you have questions about legal, financial, health, business-related, Individualized Education Plans, and other important papers?
I’m a professional organizer and I can’t offer legal, financial, or health-related advice. You’ll need to talk to the appropriate professional to find out what you need to hold onto and for how long.

Why are you doing this free program?
Honestly, interest in decluttering drops off in the summer (hey, there’s all sorts of other things to do that are more interesting). I also know that dealing with paper tops people’s list of clutter challenges.

So, I decided to create a paper decluttering and organizing program that takes just 5-to-10-minutes a day. Sure, you can save up all the tasks for the fall, but by then you’ll see 92-days of assignments, feel overwhelmed, and put it off until you feel ready.

This also gives me the opportunity to try out some of the methods I’m working into a new, paid program on the habits of getting organized.

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You're more than welcome to do both! You can unsubscribe from emails or leave the group if and when you choose.