The goal at ALessClutteredLife is to help you defy disorder through the power of habits.


Hi there, I’m Susan

I started A Less Cluttered Life a few years after I realized that I'd spent decades organizing clutter. 

​You see, I'd emptied my parents' overpacked house ... 39 years of boxes and bags filled with old bill stubs and check statements; hand-me-down blankets, dishes, curtains, towels, and knickknacks; clothing no one would or could wear; boxes and bags of old magazines and books; and, well, you get the idea. We barely had paths through the house to walk from room-to-room ... let alone within a room. 

After handling all of their stuff and asking myself, "Why? What were they thinking?" about a 100 quadrillion times, I took a look at my stuff. All of my stuff. Oops. 

While I was forever organizing my things, I never stayed organized. I'd tidy the contents of the same drawers and spaces every month. When I'd pull a file from my jam-packed filing cabinet, it was too difficult to return it, so I'd set it on top of the cabinet with the intention of cramming it back into place the next time I organized. When I pulled clothes off a hanger, other items would fall off their hangers since there was so much clothing wedged in my closet. 

While I'd learned to hold onto things, getting rid of them wasn't easy. There were no "big reveals" or dramatic before and after pictures. I worked slowly, changing my mindset and habits along the way. 

​I felt such relief as I decluttered. Unfinished tasks no longer nagged at me because I either finished them or realized that I never would and got rid of the items associated with those tasks and projects. I wasn't a minimalist, but stuff was no longer an issue.

​I wanted to help others defy disorder. I started A Less Cluttered Life. I became a member of the National Association of Productivity and Organizing Professionals (NAPO "nay-poh"). Through their NAPO University, I earned specialist certificates in Residential Organizing, Household Management, Life Transitions, and Workplace Productivity.

​While I love helping people to declutter, I started to hear, "How do I stay organized?" over and again. I started to think about what I'd done on my decluttering journey and took a deep dive into habits. And if you want to get organized ... and stay organized ... I can help.

Some fun things about Susan

I live along the Charles River in Massachusetts, USA with my husband and a fluffy calico cat named Biscuits. I crochet, craft handmade cards, and love reading young adult novels as well as personal development books. I volunteer for my town's Garden Club and Friends of the Library. Oh, and I love personality tests (no, I don't know which Disney princess I am).

To summarize, I love learning, figuring things out in non-conventional ways, and being supportive. Want to learn how to clear the clutter and stay organized in a way that works for you? I'm here to help.